National Parents’ Day 2023: Date, Origin and Ways to Celebrate with your Parents

National Parents Day 2023: Every year on July 23, National Parents Day is observed. Children are encouraged to show their parents their love and thanks on this day.

National Parents’ Day 2023: In the US, this day is set aside to honor and show gratitude to one’s parents and other parental figures. Every year, it occurs on the fourth Sunday in July. The day strives to celebrate the influence parents have on their children’s lives and to fortify family ties.

National Parents’ Day 2023: Origin

Senator Trent Lott and Congressman Dan Coats initially suggested National Parents’ Day in 1994. They presented a bipartisan measure to Congress to create the holiday as a means of supporting good parenting and expressing gratitude for the effort and commitment of parents all throughout the nation.

Numerous religious, civic, and family-focused organizations strongly backed the law. On October 14, 1994, President Bill Clinton ratified it. Since that time, the fourth Sunday in July has been designated as National Parents’ Day.

National Parents’ Day 2023: Significance

On this day, individuals frequently show their appreciation and love for their parents or other parental figures by a variety of actions, including providing presents, spending quality time with them, sending cards, or just exchanging sincere thoughts. The significance of responsible parenting and family values is also promoted through several communities’ and organizations’ activities and events.

National Parents’ Day 2023: Ways to Celebrate

Expressing your love, respect, and appreciation for all that your parents or other parental figures have done for you is the most crucial part of commemorating Parents’ Day. Here are some suggestions on ways to mark this memorable day:

  • Spend a day or a few hours with your parents doing things they like to do. Going on a stroll, having a picnic in the park, watching a movie together, or just settling down for a delicious dinner and engaging conversation are all possible activities.
  • Spend some time writing a kind letter or card to your parents, thanking them for everything they have done for you. Share particular experiences and traits about them that you value.
  • Give your parents meaningful presents that demonstrate your concern and familiarity with their hobbies. It may be something they’ve had their eye on for a long, a book by one of their favorite writers, or perhaps a handcrafted item with special meaning.


In conclusion, National Parents’ Day is a treasured chance to recognize and honor the commitment of parents and other parental figures. Through loving deeds, meaningful words, and quality time spent together, we build family ties and acknowledge the crucial part parents play in influencing our lives. Let’s honor and treasure them every day.

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